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Main CharacterEdit

When beginning the game you are given the choice to select either a male or female character.

Male ProtagonistEdit

Image 744
If you select the male character you will be assigned this specific character.
Image 1382

Default name is Ryder. 

Female ProtagonistEdit

Image 118
Image 238
If you select the female character you will be assigned this specific character.

Default name is Vala.



See Seal for details.

Image 732 Image 1582 Image 1019 Image 165 Image 825 Image 643 Image 426

Lobby StaffEdit

Minion KeeperEdit

Image 1524
This guy takes care of your extra minions that don't fit into your party; switch them around with the swap-mode button.

He is most helpful not just for quick browsing and comparing your pets, but also for managing gems.

Gems VendorEdit

Image 540 1160
Sells and buys gems you can boost your minions with.

See Gems for details.


Image 210 623
 Combines gems into higher tier ones. Only available after you get the Seal of Passion.

See Gems for details.


Minor SageEdit

Image 1575
They're present at every floor to assess your capability, and eventually bestow on you a third (or quarter) of the Sage Seal associated with the current floor set. Access to their room is granted when you possess the required number of keys, earned by battling the floor's students.

See also: the Tower

Qui-Tel Trainer Edit

Image 1230
This enlightened and kind dude doesn't battle you. Instead, he gives you the map of the current level. Totally for free. But in hard mode, you'll need to battle him.

Location: Any level

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