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Minion-pedia #101

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How To GetEdit

  • Defeat the Grand Sage for the first time, and go claim Sobek at the Lobby.

Max Level StatsEdit

Stat Value Graphics
Health 395
Energy 345
Attack 305
Healing 155
Speed 185


(For details, see Skills)

Starting Skill(s)Edit

Name Damage Other Properties Cooldown Energy Type
Image 614 Titan Slash 40 - - 8 Titan

Titan SpecializationEdit

Titan Skill Tree
Image 493
Titan Slam
Image 1407
Image 135
Image 1004
Kings Rush Lv.1-3 Claw Lv.3-5 Energizing Inspiration Lv.1-3
I  I
Image 1407
Image 1406
Image 617
Titan Rush Reckless Dash Lv.3-5 Dominate Lv.1-2
I  I
Image 206
Image 493
Image 617
Slow Lv.3-5 Titan Slam Lv.3-4 Dominate Lv.3
I  I
Image 493
Titan Thrash

Water SpecializationEdit

Water Skill Tree
Image 415
Water Jet
Image 1331
Image 480
Image 111
Water Slam Lv.3-5 Coldfront Lv.3-4 Ice Barrier Lv.3-5
I  I
Image 204
Image 480
Image 151
Sleet Lv.3-5 Ice Storm Ferocity Lv.2-3
I  I
Image 1063
Image 415
Image 151
Deadly Inspiration Lv.1-3 Water Jet Lv.3-4 Ferocity Lv.5
I  I
Image 415
Aqua Jet

Earth SpecializationEdit

Earth Skill Tree
Image 1579
Destabilize Lv.2
Image 372
Image 1162
Image 731
Fire Blast Lv.3-5 Intense Flame Lv.3-5 Rock Slide Lv.3-5
Image 1080
Image 520
Image 417
Diamond Inspiration Lv.1-2 Agility Lv.1,3,5 Earth Barrier Lv.3-5
I  I
Image 1080
Image 1579
Image 640
Diamond Inspiration Lv.3-4 Destabilize Lv.3-4 Crazed Lv.1-3
I  I I  I
Image 1579
Image 640
Tectonic Shift Crazed Lv.4-5


(Feel free to add here any tactical subtlety involving this minion that you may know from experience.)

"Titans! Now that I have released you, what are you going to do?" "Crush Zeus!" "Freeze him!" "Melt Zeus!" "Blow him away!" "Titan Thrash! RAAAAAAH!!!" "...Wrong Titan, guys."

There's a reason why you don't get Sobek until the end of the campaign, and after using him just once, it's easy to see why: it's OP. You're gonna need this guy and his counterpart, Seiryu, if you want to win a single star in hard mode. Sadly, though, Sobek is a little bit...squishy. His health is rather good, but he doesn't take damage too well. However, he's so useful offensively that there's no reason NOT to get that Titan egg.

Titan skill tree-

Titan Thrash, King's Rush, Dominate--these are the moves you're looking for. Titan Thrash often can take out 3 foes at once without even trying, King's Rush just does SO much damage, and Dominate has good buffs. 'Nuff said, MOVING ON!

Water skill tree-

But maybe you're more of a "one at a time" sorta player. Look no further than Aqua Jet, Ferocity and Deadly Inspiration. Combine Aqua Jet with the aforementioned stat boosts, and Sobek will hit like a truck.

Earth skill tree-

A FAST Earth type!? Hot dog, I'm in! Not only do you get Tectonic Shift, which targets all opponents AND slows them down, but you also get Intense Flame for time damage and Fire Blast, which does lots of damage upfront AND has time damage. Earth Barrier and Diamond Inspiration are also good for helping your team stay on their feet...assuming they even HAVE feet, that is.

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